JACK & JONES Men's classic example of successful entry into the regional markets

Published: 02nd August 2010
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Retail brand for the company, data management plays a crucial role. Data best reflect the business needs of scientific and objective information. Therefore, the local men's market and sales data to do an objective analysis, first of all to get real data.

HC Apparel Network Men how to enter the regional market? Concrete and effective measures should be taken? How to maintain business growth? These are the men hope to open up new markets enterprise wide concern. Year, JACK & JONES successful entry into the market in Hangzhou is undoubtedly a classic case in this regard.

For brand enterprises, and how to expand the market is an eternal topic. The practice of each brand varies, so the results achieved will be different. To take "specific" development strategy is to include men's clothing brands, including the possibility of market expansion in the key to success.

JACK & JONES Mao Yaqin former regional manager in Hangzhou region. During his tenure, JACK & JONES business growth in the Hangzhou region significantly. JACK & JONES is how to break into the Hangzhou market? Concrete and effective measures taken? Let us listen to Mao Yaqin 11 years.

Import of investigation is the key

JACK & JONES in before entering the market in Hangzhou, the first survey of similar local men's market conditions, competitive brands in the history of Marketing Sales conditions, market strategies, comprehensive understanding of the situation. Maoya Qin believes that the only way to find their places, a definite purpose.

Retail brand for the company, data Management Played a crucial role. Data best reflect the business needs of scientific and objective information. Therefore, the local men's market Sell Make an objective analysis of the data, first of all to get real data. Data to obtain three channels: first, the important from the local department stores get accurate data. This is the best way. Second, the competitive brand into the store to count rates of passenger traffic and carry her bags. This method may look primitive, but is a very effective marketing method. At present, many brand new pre-market data will be collected using this method. Third, to counter competitive brands to buy products while competing brands to the salesman about sales. This can be relatively straightforward and reliable sales.

Addition to analysis of the data, there is the local consumer needs to be aware of. Understand consumer demand, is the brand for new markets will do their homework. Common way is through the consulting firm, conducted interviews lens. Pre-set number of issues, the brand's target consumer group interviews.

Into the market of systems thinking

Preliminary investigation by, JACK & JONES have been some preliminary judgments, brand opportunities, the difficulties of the brand, brand what to do; then, to begin study for their own brand shop in the area, according to their brand positioning, the consumption level of the local area, set your own shop area.

Shop in the market considering the number of new entrants, we must refer to the same brand shop in the local cities, the rate of regional consumer groups and brand positioning is consistent with consumer groups. JACK & JONES is the first to do so. JACK & JONES is in the first-and second-tier cities into shopping malls in the form of market development. Therefore, the study of local shopping location, as an important basis for the number of planned shop. Now, many cities are building subway, subway construction to larger cities, there has been a new type of city living, many young upstart who gathered there. Therefore, JACK & JONES began to open the community shop. Shop in the community, will choose the community in line with the brand positioning to inspect, examine shop traffic, housing occupancy rates, lighting rates, as a basis for deciding whether to shop in this community.

Operation of run-off in the end

JACK & JONES will enter a new market fashion magazine publicity, rarely use the local media. Their commitment to build the terminal image of the shop and terminal services, such as counter Decoration And sales training. Terminal image of store brand image both shows, but also as a way of branding. JACK & JONES terminal training is a traditional, high quality terminal services is one way they promote themselves. JACK & JONES believe that good service will bring a good reputation. Attention of many brands Advertisement Promote different, they value the consumer word of mouth.

JACK & JONES approach allowed after entering a new market to develop steadily and constantly develop new channels to achieve success. JACK & JONES achieved sales success over the years is a good proof.

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